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Vital to the successful launch of any 5S campaign, is a company wide awareness / promotional activity. The continued success of 5S within your factory or warehouse, will be due to your employee’s level of participation. Employees need to know and understand the reason behind why you are asking for their participation in your 5S initiative. By understanding the benefits behind 5S, they will see how the continued application of 5S, will benefit their work practices and environment significantly.

5S Lean Manufacturing Poster

Use this attractively designed poster around your facility to educate and remind employees of the 5S Methodology. Simple and attractive pillar design which is exclusive to Fabufacture Australia.


A2 Size (594 x 420mm) Poster (Indoor Use)


Available in:

A2 Premium laminated Posters

– Use indoors (eg: offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, staff rooms, corridors, receptions)


We provide the best 5S and Lean Posters in Australia  

Fabufacture is proud to supply Australia with best 5S and Lean supplies. Award winning designs, fast and friendly service.

Thick Matt Laminate – High Definition Print!

  • Support 5S campaigns and highlight 5S pilot areas
  • Use our Posters to maintain housekeeping throughout your factory or warehouse
  • Really show the Head Office that you are serious about 5S!


Put your safety or 5S awareness message right in front of your employees, when they need it most!


Fast and Efficient

Great for any 5S or safety program, these durable wall posters will communicate instructions and can withstand harsh industrial environments. They are also easy to install.



  • Matt Laminated High Quality Posters
  • High definition print
  • Easy to install



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